Vol. 14, 2011
Serial Vol. 32 from former JOURNAL
(32-1) Transcriptome and Proteome Analysis of the Molecular Mechanism in Overcoming Insulin Resistance by a Soybean Isoflavone, Genistein

(32-2) Physiological Function of Highly Purified Soy Proteins

(32-3) Prospective Study of the Preventive Effect of Intensive Dietary Soy Intake on Atherosclerosis in an Urban General Population

(32-4) Identification of a Gene Relating to a Novel Component Affecting Consistency of Tofu

(32-5) Inactivation of Enzymes in Soybean Milk by Radio-Frequency Alternating Current

(32-6) Effect of Dietary Carbohydrate Source on the Modulation of Lipid Metabolism by Soy Protein

(32-7) Effects of Soy Protein on Daily Rhythms of Metabolism and Locomotor Activity

(32-8) Chrono-Nutritional Aspects of Protein-Rich Food on Mouse Circadian Rhythm

(32-9) Effects of Hydrolyzed Compounds of Milk and Soy Proteins on Listeria monocytogenes Infection to Intestinal Epithelial Cells

(32-10) Exhaustive Analysis of New Hydrophobic Peptides Derived from Soybean Protein with Bile acid Binding Ability and in vivo Analysis of Peptide Activity

(32-11) High Functionalization of Cbl-b Inhibitor, Cblin

(32-12) Study of the Molecular Mechanism of how Soybean Components Affect the Expression of Zinc Transporter, ZIP4

(32-13) Flavonoid Enhances the MCP-1-Induced Monocyte Migration

(32-14) Effect of Soybean Isoflavones on Type I and Type II Helper T-Cell Differentiation

(32-15) Identification of A Gene Mediating the Inhibitory Effects of Equol on Cancer Cell Growth

(32-16) Effect of Soybean Protein on Urinary Ca Excretion

(32-17) Investigation of the Effects of Soy Protein on the Regression of Atherosclerosis and the Reduction of Abdominal Fat in Metabolic Syndrome

(32-18) Effect of Soy Protein β-Conglycinin on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

(32-19) Nutritional Studies on Dietary β-Conglycinin -Effects of Dose and Amino Acid Composition-

(32-20) Does Soy Intake Relate to the Prevalence of Allergic Disease ?

(32-21) Therapeutic Effect of Soy Isoflavones on Food Allergy Model Mice with Gastrointestinal Symptoms

(32-22) The Protective Effect of Genistain in Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

(32-23) Examination of Recipes to Improve Beany Flavor and of Preservation Methods for the Soy Protein Isolate, "New Fujinic 50"

(32-24) Food Preference by Female University Students when Chicken is Replaced with Soybean Protein Isolate

(32-25) New Recipes for School Lunch Rich in Soluble OKARA Fiber

(32-26) Highly-Selective Recycling System for Rare Metals Using Soy Protein

(32-27) Refractive Index Observation of Soy Lipids

(32-28) The Differential Effects of Several Soybean Cultivar Extracts to Improve against an in vitro Hepatosteatosis in Human Primary Hepatocytes

(32-29) Effects of Tofuyo (Fermented Soybean Food) Extract on Influenza Virus

(32-30) Challenges in Determination of Immunomodulatory Effects and/or Molecules in Soybean Residues (Okara), and Evaluation of Detoxification Mechanisms of Okara Constituents

(32-31) Effect of Dietary Soy Isoflavones on Rat Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type

(32-32) Chainging of Autonomic Nerve Modulation and Body Weight Regulation by Isoflavone of Soybean

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