Vol. 10, 2007
Serial Vol. 28 from former JOURNAL
(28-1) Clinico-epidemiological Studies on Soy Intake and Allergic Disorders

(28-2) Proteins Catalyzing Folding of Seed Storage Proteins of Soybean

(28-3) Gene Expression Control of β-conglycinin in Molecular Breeding of Soybean Seed Storage Protein

(28-4) Potential of Soybean Somatic Embryos as a Model System to Investigate the Biosynthetic Pathways of Seed Components

(28-5) Regulation of Gene Expression of Soybean Flavonoid-biosynthetic Enzymes by NO, cGMP and Light

(28-6) Elucidation of the Reason Why Glycinin Has a High Ability to Form Heat-induced Gel

(28-7) Effects of Soluble Soybean Polysaccharides Addition on Gelling Behavior of Soy Proteins

(28-8) Neurophysiological Study on the Mechanism Involved in the Astringent Taste Formation by Acidified Soy Protein

(28-9) Flavor Release from Hamburger Steak Added Textured Soy Protein During Mastication

(28-10) Effect of Soy Resistant Protein on Fermentation and Microbiota in the Large Intestine

(28-11) Mechanism of Decreasing Food Intake of Rats Fed Daidzein
-Approach Using Equol, Metabolite of Daidzein by Microorganism-

(28-12) Effect of a Soy-derived Oligopeptide Diet on Plasma Levels of Endogenous Morphine-like Analgesic Peptides in Rats

(28-13) Effect of Dietary Soy Protein Isolate on the Production of Adipocytokines such as Adiponectin

(28-14) Interaction of Dietary β-Conglycinin and Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Body Fat Mass and Lipid Metabolism in Rats

(28-15) Effects of Feeding on the Soy Protein Isolate Diet on Ceramides in Rat Epidermis

(28-16) Transcriptome Analysis of the Effect of Soy Protein Intake in Cholesterol-loaded Rats

(28-17) Cholesterol Lowering Effect of Soybean Lipophilic Proteins Associated with Phospholipids in Rat

(28-18) Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome by Soy Isoflavone

(28-19) Evaluation Study on Novel Physiological Activities of Soy Isoflavones

(28-20) Unloading-mediated Expression of a Muscle Atrophy-related Gene, Cbl-b and Its Regulation by Soy-protein-derived Peptides

(28-21) Screening and Evaluation of the New Cholesterol-lowering Peptides Derived from Soybean by a New Evaluation System Including a Genetic Engineering Approach

(28-22) Development of Soybean-derived Molecular Targeted Anti-metastasis Agent by Gene Technology

(28-23) Negative Growth Control of Bowman-Birk Inhibitor from Soy Bean Against Mesothelioma Based on Restoration of Connexin 43-Dependent Tumor-suppressive Effect

(28-24) Isolation and Identification of Food-derived Soy Peptides in Blood

(28-25) Study on the Preventive Effects of Soybean Ingredients on Inflammatory Bowel Disease

(28-26) Study on the Molecules Involved in Anti-allergic Effect of Soybean Components

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