(JAPAN) Vol. 13, No. 1, 1992"
(13-1) Studies on ripening mechanism of tofuyo using soy protein isolate: Degradation of soybean protein by Monascus-proteinase.

(13-2) Depression of n-hexanal formation in soy protein products.

(13-3) Development in novel functional food materials by hybridization of soy protein to galactomannan type polysaccharides.

(13-4) Studies on plant cystatins.

(13-5) Supplementation of SPI peptide-based diet with branched chain amino acids and glutamine: Their effects on intestinal function and serum amino acid concentration in jejunectomized rats in convalescence.

(13-6) Bioavailability of methionine in soybean peptide: Comparison with soybean protein in increasing hepatic É¡-glutamyltransferase activity.

(13-7) Nutritional evaluation of SPI-derived peptides in rats: The effects of peptide chain length on the digestive intensity of oligo-L-methionine.

(13-8) Effects of SPI intake on the liver content of messenger RNAs of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins-1 and -3 in rats.

(13-9) Effects of soy protein isolate on sucrose-induced obesity in post-weanling rats.

(13-10) Effects of soy peptides on weight reduction in hypothalamic obese mice.

(13-11) Effects of soy peptide consumption on diet induced thermogenesis.

(13-12) Effect of soy protein on urinary albumin excretion and glomerular filtration rate in spontaneously developed diabetic WBN/Kob rats.

(13-13) Effects of soy protein isolate on recovery of immunosuppression induced by organotin compounds.

(13-14) Effects of soybean protein isolate on caffeine-induced hypercalciuria in rats.

(13-15) Effect of soybean whey protein on skin tumor in mice.

(13-16) Effects of phytate removal from SPI hydrolyzate on the calcium and zinc bioavailabilities in the growing rat.

(13-17) Preparation of hypoallergenic soybean products: Identification of allergenic proteins in soybeans.

(13-18) Effects of dietary protein content and species on gene expression and induction of lipogenic enzymes in rat liver.

(13-19) Nutritional specificity of soy protein diet for lipid metabolism in rats.

(13-20) Effects of dietary proteins on plasma cholesterol level and fecal steroid excretion rates in various species of animals.

(13-21) Hypocholesterolemic effect of undigested fraction of soybean protein.

(13-22) Effect of soy protein and/or soy fiber on serum and liver lipid concentration in the rat.

(13-23) Effect of energy restriction or exercise on nitrogen balance in young women fed a conventional low protein diet containing soy protein isolate.

(13-24) Usefulness of soybean peptides as a nitrogen source in the patients with malabsorption syndrome.

(13-25) Effects of soy peptide on plasma lipids for 4 weeks.

(13-26) Effects of soy protein diet on lipid metabolism in patients with hyperlipidemia and with ischemic heart disease: Correlation between soy protein intake and lipids levels.

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