(JAPAN) Vol. 12, No. 1, 1991"
(12-1) Studies on flavor of tofuyo: A comparison of tasty components between fabricated "Tofuyo" form soy protein isolate and traditional tofuyo.

(12-2) Improvement of functional properties of soybean glycinin by protein engineering.

(12-3) Separation of glycolipid in soy protein isolate by lectin affinity chromatography.

(12-4) Effect of SPI on carcinogenic and detoxicating metabolites of dimethylnitrosamine in liver microsomes of rabbits fed on low protein diet and ethanol.

(12-5) Effects of amino acids on the mRNA inductions of lipogenic enzymes in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes.

(12-6) Effects of soybean protein on plasma cholesterol concentration and fecal sterol excretion in adult females.

(12-7) Basic studies on soybean-associated allergy.

(12-8) Digestibility and nutritive value of SPI and its pepsin digest.

(12-9) Species difference in the effect of dietary proteins on steroid excretion (II)

(12-10) Regulation of polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism by dietary soybean protein

(12-11) Soy protein and cholesterol metabolism: Effects of type and level of dietary fat on the hypocholesterolemic action of soy protein isolate in rats.

(12-12) Relationship between plasma cholesterol lowering effect of soybean protein isolate and phospholipid biosynthesis in rats.

(12-13) Effect of supplementation of methionine to a soy protein diet on serum cholesterol and liver apolipoprotein A-I mRNA in rats.

(12-14) Postoperative changes in metabolic functions in rats with resection of small intestine and advantage of soy-protein peptide intake.

(12-15) Renin and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in food protein hydrolysates.

(12-16) Effects of diet containing soybean peptide or lactalbumin on basal energy expenditure of obese children reducing body weight and on thermogenesis after meal.

(12-17) Nutritional evaluation of dietary protein and peptides using oligo-L-methionine as a probe for digestive functions (II).

(12-18) Effects of soy peptides on energy metabolism in obese animals.

(12-19) Changes in free and peptide-form amino acids in plasma after administration of SPI hydrolyzate (SPT-5).

(12-20) Effect of soy protein isolate on skin tumor in mice.

(12-21) Nutritional-physiological consideration for the supplementary effect of methionine to the dietary soybean protein: Especially for the salt preference.

(12-22) Effect of cystine and methionine intake on incidence of proteinuria in adult rats.

(12-23) Effect of soy protein diet on plasma ammonia and free amino acids in portacaval shunted rats.

(12-24) Effects of soy protein diets on nutritional status of the cirrhotic patients (II).

(12-25) Effect of soybean trypsin inhibitor on pancreatic islets in WBN/Kob rats.

(12-26) Effect of soy-peptide on plasma lipids.

(12-27) Clinical evaluation of soy protein for the patient with malabsorption.

(12-28) Effects of soy protein diet on lipid metabolism in patients with hyperlipidemia and with ischemic heart disease (second report).

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