Vol. 6, 2003
Serial Vol. 24 from former JOURNAL
(24-1)  The Multivariate Functions of Adipose Tissue and the Metabolic Syndrome:
The Effects of Soybean Protein on Fat Distribution and Adipocytokines

(24-2)  Molecular Mechanisms of Genetic Variations in Seed Storage Proteins and Their Transmission During the Process of Breeding in Soybean

(24-3)  Identification and Linkage Analysis of the Genes Expressed in Soybean Seeds

(24-4)  Chemical Treatment of Plants May Activate Defense Mechanisms and Increase Allergenicity

(24-5)  Development of a New Emulsifier with the Conjugation Between Soy Protein and Pectin from Food Waste

(24-6)  Antifreeze Protein Improves the Quality of Soy Protein Processed Frozen Food

(24-7)  Functions of Lecithin in Dough and Bread Supplemented with β-Conglycining

(24-8)  Genetically Engineered Bacillus subtilis Produces Soybean-Milk-Coagulating Enzyme

(24-9)  Enhanced Function of Calcium Absorption by Phytate-Removed and Deamidated Soybean Proteins

(24-10)  Comprehensive Evaluation of Soy Protein Functions by DNA Microarray Analysis

(24-11)  Phytomedical Effect of Soy Protein and Soy Isoflavone on Hypercholesterolemia and/or Atheroscelerosis : Its Molecular Pathophysiological Mechanism in Monkeys

(24-12)  Studies on Soy Proteins Stimulating Cholesterol Efflux Driven by the Intestinal ABCA1 Transporter

(24-13)  Studies on Suppressive Effect of Soy Protein on LPS-induced Hepatitis

(24-14)  Production of Hypotensive Peptide, SVY, from 7S Globulin of Soybean Protein and Its Physiological Functions

(24-15)  Comprehensive Evaluation of Soy Protein Digests as Sources of Bioactive Peptides

(24-16)  Effect of Water-Soluble Soybean Peptide Fractions on Liver and Serum Triglyceride Concentrations in Rats

(24-17)  Isolation and Application of Physiologically Active Peptides from Soybean Whey and Okara Proteins

(24-18)  Identification of Amino Acid Sequence Responsible for the Satiety Effect of Soybean β-Conglycinint

(24-19)  Regeneration of Neural Circuit: Role of Soy-Proteins

(24-20)  Immunological Modulative Activity of Soybean Saponins: Suppressive Effect of Soybean Saponins on
High Affinity IgE Receptor Expression

(24-21)  Function of Lipid Metabolism and Antioxidative Activity of Dietary Soybean Isoflavone Aglycone: Differences in Regulative Function between Male and Female Rats

(24-22)  Study of Daidzein on Bone Metabolism: Individual Variability in Aging Rats

(24-23)  Effects of Soybean Isoflavones on the Proliferation and Invasion of Hepatoma Cells

(24-24)  Osteogenic Effect of Genistein on Cultured Bone Marrow Cells

(24-25)  Effect of Soy Isoflavones on Premenstrual Syndrome

(24-26)  Effects of Soy and Soy Products on Bone Mineral Density, Bone Composition and Fatigue in Japanese Collegiate American Football Players

(24-27)  Modulating Effects of Soy Protein Isolate and Soy Protein Hydrolysate on Human Brain Function

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