Vol. 13, 2010
Serial Vol. 31 from former JOURNAL
(31-1) Systematic Review and Verification of Preventive Effects of Soy Constituents on Lifestyle-related Diseases: Effects of ingesting soy isoflavones on bone turnover markers in menopausal women and blood pressure in adult humans: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (Part III)

(31-2) Studies on Ca Bioavailability of Soybean Products

(31-3) Transcriptome and Proteome Analysis of Molecular Mechanism in Overcoming Insulin Resistance by a Soybean Isoflavone, Genistein

(31-4) Physiological Function of Highly Purified Soy Proteins

(31-5) Gene Manipulation of the Biosynthetic Pathway for Molecular Breeding of Soybean Flavonoids

(31-6) Production of Non-Genetically Modified Food-Use Soybeans with High Functional Properties Using Soybean- and Wild Soybean-Natural Variants with Different Composition of Seed Saponin Components

(31-7) Identification of Genes Controlling the Contents of Seed Storage Proteins in Soybean ―Fine Mapping of the Quantitative Trait Locus qPro7―

(31-8) Mechanisms of cGMP/NO Signal Transduction Controlling Gene Expression of Soybean Flavonoid- Biosynthetic Enzymes

(31-9) Production of Poly-γ-Glutamic Acid, the Material for Biodegradable Plastic, from Okara Using Bacillus Natto

(31-10) Solar Hydrogen Production from Soybean Oligosaccharide Waste Fluid

(31-11) Effect of a Hydrolysate Prepared from Soy Protein High Molecular Weight Fraction on GLP-1 Secretion and Glycemia in Rats

(31-12) Study of the Molecular Targets of Lipid Metabolism Improvement Caused by Soy Protein Intake Using Gene Defect Mice

(31-13) Study of the Regulation of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes by Soybean Ingredients in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

(31-14) Differential Effects of Casein and Soy Protein Isolate on Mucin Secretion Stimulated by Dietary Fiber Ingestion in the Rat Small Intestine

(31-15) Exhaustive Analysis of Peptides Derived from Soybean Protein with Bile Acids Binding Ability and Efficient Modification of VAWWMY Activity by Use of the Peptide Array

(31-16) Inhibition of Yeast Lipid Body Formation by Soy Peptides

(31-17) Effects of a Soybean Component on Zinc Absorption Using Molecular Biological Approach

(31-18) Research and Application of Bioactive Peptide Derived from Soy Protein with Anxiolytic-Like Activity

(31-19) Effect of Soy Peptide Ingestion on the Free Amino Acid Contents in Adult Brain of Genetic Serine Deficiency Model Mice

(31-20) Identification of Soy Protein-Derived Hypolipidemic Peptide-Sequences Using in vitro and in vivo Systems

(31-21) Analysis of the Effect of Soybean Isoflavones on the Function of BRCA1 in Cancer Prevention and Therapy

(31-22) The Protective Effect of Genistain in Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

(31-23) Effect of Soy Protein β-Conglycinin on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

(31-24) Effect of Serine Protease Inhibitor on Muscle Atrophy

(31-25) Metabolomics Platform for Metabolic Systems Analysis in Leguminous Plant

(31-26) Solubilization and Stabilization of Dextran-Introduced Soy Protein Isolate by Transferase Reaction

(31-27) Regulation of Protein Digestibility of Soybean Meal by Tannins in Ruminant Feedstuffs

(31-28) Effect of Dietary Fermented Soybean on Physical Endurance in Mice

(31-29) Analysis of Autonomic Control Mechanism by Protein Component of Soy Bean

(31-30) Analysis of the Effects of Soybean on Phagocytosis Against Cancer Cells

(31-31) Synergistic Effect of Amino Acids on Antioxidative Stress Activity of Soyasaponins

(31-32) Soybean Isoflavones Inhibit Amyloid β-protein Self-Assembly

(31-33) Effect of Soy Isoflavones on Cyclooxygenase Activity

(31-34) Protective Effect of Soy Isoflavone Genistein on Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

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