Vol. 3, 2000
Serial Vol. 21 from former JOURNAL
(21-1)  Mechanism for the Regulation of the Gene Expression of CYP93A Gene Family Involved in Isoflavone Biosynthesis of Soybean

(21-2)  Linkage Analysis of the Genes for Deficiency of 7S Globulin in Soybean

(21-3)  Investigation of Structure-function Relationships of Soybean b-Conglycinin Using Mutant Soybean Cultivars

(21-4)  Research and Application of Cold Denaturation of Soy Protein


Proteolytic Digestion of Soy Protein Isolates and the Coagulation of the Digests

(21-6)  Search of Plasticizers for Soy Protein Isolate-Films

(21-7)  Development of Novel Antioxidants Originated from Soy Protein by Conjugation with Galactomannan

(21-8)  Research for an Antioxidative Pathway Induced by Soybean Components

(21-9)  Relationship between Soy-derived Isoflavones and Endocrine Disruptors in Cultured Chinese Hamster Lung Fibroblast (CHL/IU) Cells


Effect of Ethanol-extracted Soy Protein Isolate on Cytokine Productivity in Macrophages from Hepatoma-bearing and Nephritic Rats

(21-11)  Effect of Isoflavones on Proliferation of Human Mammary Cancer MCF-7 Cells

(21-12)  Study on Cancer Preventive Substances in Soybeans

(21-13)  Effect of Soybean Peptide Fractions on the Growth of Helicobacter pylori

(21-14)  Immunochemical Characterization of Soybean Allergen, Gly m Bd 30K as a Syringolide Receptor

(21-15)  Effect of the Intestinal Protease Inactivation by Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor on the Immune Response to Oral Protein Antigens

(21-16)  Effects of Soybean Isoflavones on Bone Mineral Density and Bone Metabolism in Human

(21-17)  Effects of Dietary Isoflavone-extract from Soybean Hypocotyl on Bone Metabolism in Ovariectomized Young and Old Female Rats

(21-18)  Effect of Soy Protein on Hepatic Autophagy

(21-19)  Effect of Isoflavone on DES-induced Cell Proliferation and Genetic Hypertension

(21-20)  Study on Lipid Metabolism Regulation by a Low Molecular Weight Peptide Derived from Soybean Protein

(21-21)  Hypocholesterolemic Effect of Ethanol Extract of Soy Protein Isolate

(21-22)  Effect of Soybean Protein Intake on Energy Metabolism : Measurement of Respiratory Quotient Using Small Laboratory Animals

(21-23)  Mechanism of Elevation in Plasma Glucagon Concentration by Soybean Protein Intake, with Reference to Changes in the Concentration of Plasma Glucagon-like Peptide-1

(21-24)  Effects of Soy Protein Isolate on TG-rich Lipoproteins and Safety among Healthy Men

(21-25)  Effects of Soybean Yogurt Intake on Serum Lipids and Eating Behaviors

(21-26)  Effect of Energy Restricted Diets Supplemented with Soy Protein Formula Product on Body Weight Reduction and Basal Energy Expenditure in Adult Obese Patients

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