Vol. 8, 2005
Serial Vol. 26 from former JOURNAL
(26-1) Efficacy of Soy Product, Soy Protein or Soy Isoflavone, to Hypercholesterolemia and Osteoporosis: Its Molecular Biomedical Studies in Monkeys (Part II)

(26-2) Improvement of Methionine Contents in Soybean Through Regulation of Metabolism

(26-3) Study on Biosynthetic Enzymes of Group-A Saponin for the Breeding of Low Unpleasant Taste Soybean Variety

(26-4) Structural Features of Vacuolar Sorting Determinants of Soybeanβ-conglycinin

(26-5) Expression Analysis of Genes Encoding Enzymes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Isoflavones in Soybean

(26-6) Regulation of Gene Expression of Soybean Flavonoid Biosynthetic Enzymes by cGMP

(26-7) Improvement of Taste of Soy Sauce by the Addition of Salt-Tolerant γ-Glutamyltranspeptidase as Glutaminase During its Fermentation

(26-8) Increased Solubility of Soybean Protein by Dried Egg White and Its Functional Property

(26-9) Alteration of Components and Tastes of Soybean during Low Temperature Steam Cooking

(26-10) Investigation of Phospholipase D Catalytic Functions and Its Application for Improvement of Phospholipids

(26-11) Analysis of Profile of Neurotransmitter in Hypothalamus and Blood Signals for Mechanism of Decreasing Food Intake of Rats Fed Soy Isoflavones

(26-12) Effect of Genistein on the Antigen-Specific Immune Responses in Mice

(26-13) Molecular Mechanism of Unloading-Mediated Muscle Atrophy and Its Inhibition by Treatment with Soy Protein-Derived Oligopeptide

(26-14) Effects of Soy Bean Ingredients on Lipid Metabolism Through the Activities of Nuclear Receptors

(26-15) Membrane Interaction of Soyasaponins in Association with Their Antioxidation Effect

(26-16) Effects of Soy Protein Isolate Diet on Rat Skin Proteoglycan

(26-17) Effect of Dietary Soybean Protein Isolate on Oxidation of Dietary Carbohydrate and Diabetic Disorders in Diabetic Obese Mice

(26-18) Isolation and Application of Physiologically Active Peptides from Soybean Whey and Okara Proteins (Part III)

(26-19) Effects of Soy Protein Isolate on Gene Expressions of Uncoupling Proteins: Studies in Rats and Primary Cultured Adipocytes

(26-20) Effects of Soy Protein and Peptide on Intestinal Fat Metabolism in Genetically Obese Diabetic Rats Lacking Cholecystokinin-A Receptor and on Gallstone Formation in the Receptor Gene Knockout Mice

(26-21) Chemoprevention of Bowman-Birk Inhibitor from Soy Bean Against Cancers Based on Restoration of Connexin 43-Dependent Tumor-Suppressive Effect

(26-22) Establishment of Molecule Preventive Treatment for Carcinoma by Using Soybean Isoflavone

(26-23) New Cholesterol-Lowering Peptides with Bile Acids Binding Ability Derived from Soybean Glycinin

(26-24) Analysis of Tumor-Suppressive Effects of Soy Isoflavones on Estrogen-Independent Mammary Carcinoma Cells

(26-25) Health Effects and Regional Difference in Soy Isoflavone Intake and Dried Blood Spot Concentration

(26-26) Soy Protein and Isoflavone Intake and Colorectal Cancer: Anatomic Site-specific Associations

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