Vol. 17, 2014
Serial Vol. 35 from former JOURNAL
(35-1) Effect of Water-soluble Okara Fiber Used in School Lunch on Health Improvement in Children

(35-2) Metabolic Systems Research Based on the Diversity of Gene Resource in Glycine Max

(35-3) Investigation of Enzymes for Biosynthesis of Triterpenoids (Lupeol and Betulinic acid) in Soybean

(35-4) Genetic Control of Saponin Components in Soybean Seeds Using Marker-Assisted Selection

(35-5) Molecular Genetic Study of Temperature Responsive γ-Tocopherol Methyltransferase Genes in Soybean Seeds

(35-6) Swallowing Simulator Developed to Clarify Physical Features of Food Suitable for People with Swallowing Difficulties

(35-7) Search and Analysis of Taste-related Proteins from Soybean

(35-8) Improvement of Taste of Protein Hydrolyzate by Protease Using a Microbial Enzyme

(35-9) Analysis of Bitterness-Suppressing Mechanism by Fatty Acid and the its Application

(35-10) Effects of Dietary Proteins on Putrefactive Compound Production in the Intestine

(35-11) High-Absorbable Soy Peptides Revealed by the Analysis of Substrate Multispecificity of a Human Peptide Transporter

(35-12) Mechanism of Gene Regulation of Lipid Metabolism by Soy Isoflavone via Nuclear Receptors

(35-13) Protein Expression and Functional Regulatory Mechanism of a Neuroprotective Protein, "Neuroglobin"

(35-14) Isolation of an Anti-Cancer Compound that Inhibits the mRNA Maturation Process from Soyaflavone and Food Chemical Research

(35-15) Characterization of Skeletal Muscles in Daidzein-Fed Mice

(35-16) Study of Food Components with the Ability to Increase Human ZIP4 Expression to Improve Zinc Absorption

(35-17) The relationship between Serum Isoflavone Level and Brain Volume/Cognitive Function in Elderly Subjects

(35-18) The Effect of Soy Protein Intake during Pregnancy and Lactation on the Metabolic Syndrome Onset Risk of the Offspring

(35-19) The Effect of Soy Protein β-conglycinin on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and NASH
(35-20) Feeding Soy Protein Isolate and Soybean Peptide Has a Preventive Effect on Bedsore in Rat Skin

(35-21) Novel Hypocholesterolemic Oligopeptides Derived from Soybean

(35-22) Effect of Peptides Derived from Soy Protein on Glucose Metabolism

(35-23) Effects of Okara on Glucose Tolerance in Diabetic Rats
(35-24) Basic Analysis of Hatching Stimulants of Soybean Cyst Nematodes

(35-25) Characterization of the Quality of Imbibed Soybean at an Early Stage of Pre-Germination for the Development of a New Protein Food Item

(35-26) Aerobic Stability of Mixed Feeds with Fermented Soybean By-product

(35-27) Development of Shellac-Coated Enteric Tablets Containing Soybean Peptides

(35-28) The Evaluation of the effect of Soybean β-Conglycinin on Glucose Metabolism in Wistar Rats by Oral 13C-Glucose Administration

(35-29) Isoflavone Intake Improves Lacrimal Function

(35-30) The Benefits of Soy-Related Polyphenols in Pancreatic β-Cell Growth

(35-31) Elucidation of Mechanisms Underlying Sex Differences in Alleviation Effects of Lung Cancer Risk by Soy Isoflavone

(35-32) Examination of the Function of the GPR120 in Perivascular Adipose Tissue and Anti-atherogenic Action by Isoflavone Ingestion

(35-33) Effects of Equol on Insulin Secretion by Pancreatic β-Cells

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