The Soy Protein Research Committee (Japan)

Soybeans and their processed products are consumed worldwide, serving as a valuable source of high quality protein. Recent technological progress has made it possible to prepare a soy protein isolate (SPI) from defatted soy flour and to process it to more palatable foods. In addition, accumulating evidence indicates that soy protein has a specific hypocholesterolemic action. Thus, soy protein is now recognized not only as a protein source but also as an anti-atherogenic food component and accordingly its demand is increasing every year.
The Research Committee of Soy Protein Nutrition (Japan) was established in 1979 under the sponsorship of the Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. (Osaka) for the purpose of encouraging both fundamental and practical studies related with soy protein nutrition in Japan. The Research Committee provides funds each year to support selected nutritional and food-related scientific studies. To promote even wider utilization of soy protein, the Research Committee changed its name to "The Soy Protein Research Committee" in 1991, and has been funding selected studies in three areas of soy protein research: (1) nutrition, health and medical care, (2) food science and food processing technology on texture, flavor, etc., and (3) biochemical breeding and bioscience.
These results have been published annually in "Report of The Soy Protein Research Committee (Japan)" (formerly Nutritional Science of Soy Protein (Japan). This database is the abstracts of each reports in the journals. If you have any questions or comments, please contacts to web master.